Vacuum formed products

Our line of vacuum formed products cover a wide range of industrial applications. They feature excellent insulating performance and good temperature strength and can be custom designed to your specific requirements.


Our vacuum formed products are marketed under the Fibrec® brand. They are available in Ceramic, Bio-Soluble, Rockwool, Saffil, and other types of fibrous materials (combined mixtures can also be made) and offer:

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance 
  • Low heat storage
  • A wide range of mechanical strengths
  • No off-gassing during initial heat up (optional)
  • Custom designs for high-temperature applications up to 1600º C
  • Virtually all shapes are possible to produce
  • One-time use or integral part of other designs
  • Superior insulating performance, non-wetting and good mechanical strength

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